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Grab interest


I love the Pacific Northwest for the photo opportunities available year-round. From the ocean to the mountains with a varied amount of shades of green everywhere!


My Background


I've loved taking photos since junior high school and when I joined the US Navy in  1963, I chose to be a Navy Photographer's Mate. After 30 years of active duty with the Navy, I retired as a Master Chief Photographer's Mate and have carried on over the last 25 years by taking photos and teaching photography.

Photography as Communication


As the grandfather of 3 wonderful children under the age of 10, I try to keep my camera with me at all times. I've always believed that photography is a realistic form of art that can communicate all types of feelings.

Sharing Stories


I've always felt that photos that tell stories should be shared. Please contact me for availability of any of the images published on the web site.

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